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Is CBS Big Enough for Two Slayers?

I guess Hollywood is a small world.  Our favorite slayers will be back on our television screens, sharing airtime on CBS this year.  After reading the show descriptions, “Ringer” is obviously a drama, crime thriller while Eliza Dusku’s “Untitled Radio Comedy” is just that, comedy.  No matter how different the show are, one question comes to my mind: “Which show will make it?”

Todays’ TV landscape is a rough one to last in.  Few scripted quality shows can last a few seasons, let alone one!  And without the week to week “what will they do next?!” factor it’s hard to create buzz about a show.  Let’s take a look at both shows:


  • Drama/thriller
  • Sisters torn apart
  • SMG plays twins, one deceased, one alive and taking her sisters name
  • Ioan Gruffard is also starring
  • Possible debut in May

"Untitled Sports Radio Show"

  • Damon Wayans will play Nick
  • Eliza Dusku will be Casey
  • Both work on the radio show together
  • Based on Colin Cowherd’s ESPN talk show

While I hope both shows get a full season pick up and wow the audience, I’m going to assume that the buzz of SMG coming back to television will create some great ratings.  Hopefully Eliza Dusku’s show can gain a following like Alyson Hannigan did with “HIMYM” (Legen -wait for it- dary).  One thing I know for sure is that I’ll be tuned in on their respect premiere dates.

How about you?

For a more in-depth article on “Ringer”, check out this link

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